2024 Season

Our 2024 season schedule is listed below.  Please signup in HEJA for all the event details.  Contact the Head Coach for more information on HEJA.

 Pre-registration for the season are about full:

First Practice is Saturday March 2nd, 2024 (8:45AM)  (Pre-registration is needed prior to Practice)

IMPORTANT:   The registration closes for the season March 16th 2024.

For the most opportunity to practice, a membership is recommended to the Gun Club.


All practices will start promptly (walking onto the field) at 9:00AM on Saturdays beginning early March through late July.  

*Practices typically last until 11:00-Noon (Depends on disciplines and field availability)

*Optional practice opportunities are available for Unaka Rod and Gun Club members on Thursday and Sunday (See calendar for times and details)

**Exceptions to practice on the following Saturday(s):

Trophy Shoots

On the 4th Saturday Unaka Rod and Gun Club hosts a Trophy Shoot.   We won't conduct a practice that morning.  We encourage our seasoned shooters to participate in the competition.  You may choose to shoot Trap / Skeet or both.   Costs for the event are discounted for youth shooters and a meal is included in the event.

All other regional Trophy Shoots are listed as (Optional) on the calendar.  Coaches may opt to participate as a group rather than practice that day.  Coaches will communicate if this happens in advance of the event.

Rivalry Shoots & Other Competitions

Rivalry shoots are new and will be shoots that happen with teams in our region.   If we compete with 3 teams in the year we will could be qualified to compete at State for a shoot-off for our region.  The rivalry shoots are open for all shooters and each disciple will be scored and the top 3 scores will be averaged together for 2 classes (Varsity / Jr. Varsity & Intermediate / Rookies)

Dates and shoots will be added to the calendar and communicated to the team.

2024 Youth Trap Shoot- Hog Heaven (White Pine, TN)

Around the last week of April 27th Begins at 9:30AM.

Fees - $40 Entry Fee (100 Rounds)  $5 if you want your targets registered with the ATA

SCTP classifications will be followed.   Johnson City Honda has sponsored the event in the past and issued Cash prizes for the teams will be given for 1st & 2nd place teams in Rookie, Intermediate Entry, Intermediate Advanced, JV, Varsity, College.   High gun trophy for each division as well.


District IV - State REGIONALs 2024

Sporting Clays - Greene County Range (greeneville, TN)

Thursday (May 30th 2024)

Times will be set upon registration but plan on 10AM - 3PM 

*Squads will be able to shoot Skeet or Sporting Clays

Skeet - Greene County Range (greeneville, TN)

Friday (May 31st 2024)

Times will be set upon registration but plan on 9AM - 3PM (All day)

*Squads will be able to shoot Skeet or Sporting Clays

Final awards for Skeet / Sporting Clays will be given end of the event Friday

Trap - Hog Heaven (White Pine, TN)

Saturday (June 1st 2024)

Times will be set upon registration but plan on 9AM - 5PM  (All day)

Final awards will be given out for HOA and trap at the end of the event

2024 Tennessee scholastic State championships - Nashville, TN

June 17th - 22th , Nashville Gun Club (Typically arrive on the 15th) for the week long event. 

2024 Schedule 

Schedule of Events:  

2024 National Tournament - Marengo, OH

July 13th - 20th 2024, Cardinal Center Shooting Complex

2024 Schedule 

EVENT DETAILS  (Schedule is usually the following)

July 13-14th (Saturday / Sunday) - Trap Doubles / Handicap Trap

July 15-16th (Monday / Tuesday) - Sporting Clays

July 17-18th (Wednesday / Thursday) - Skeet

July 19th (Friday) - Skeet Doubles

July 19-20th (Friday / Saturday) - Trap