The Unaka Shooters Team isn't possible without the help and support of the parents.   We strive to practice a safe and fun environment.   We expect the best out of our athletes and expect parents to allow the coaches to coach the athletes.   Shooting skeet and trap is a mental game please keep this in mind and allow the coaches to encourage the athletes.

We are also always in need of parent volunteers to help with the team.  Please see our volunteering section for opportunities.

Thank you for your support!

-Unaka Shooters Coaching Staff

Costs & Budgets

Sport shooting can be a rather costly activity.  Just like anything you can choose to invest alot or the minimum.   The tangible costs listed below are typical for a season to help set expectations.  Costs here are for reference only.   Parents should use this to plan a budget for the season.  The season typically runs 5 months so you can divide your total by 5 to get a monthly spend.

Registration Fees:

Practices: $480-960

Typical Match / Event Registration Fees / Regionals   $360 (minus travel costs can vary)

Onetime costs: $50

*Doesn't include shotgun costs ($600 +)