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Local youth shotgun team brings home top recognition at state competition

June 30th 2022

The Unaka Shooters, a youth shotgun team from the Unaka Rod & Gun club in Johnson City, TN, just recently came back from the state tournament in Nashville, TN. The state tournament is a gateway to entry into the National SCTP tournament that is held at the Cardinal Center near Columbus Ohio. The TNSCTP is run by the Tennessee Wildlife Federation TWF, an organization focused on conservation and youth engagement for the state of Tennessee.

The Tennessee State Tournament is held each year in Nashville. The Unaka Shooters competed in multiple disciplines requiring the athletes to fire 100+ rounds in each discipline. The disciplines included American Skeet, American Trap, Sporting Clays, American Skeet Doubles, Super Sporting Clays. The tournament hosted 79 teams from across the state of Tennessee with 1,152 athletes competing for top positions in multiple disciplines. During the event over 273,250 clay targets were thrown for the athletes.

“I’m very proud of the individual performances and sportsmanship that were displayed at the tournament,” said Shane McCown, Head Coach of the Unaka Shooters. "Not only are we very proud of these athletes and their performance on the field but the fact that they were able to do so well as a team is one of the greatest achievements we could ask of them. The coaches for the team really want to emphasize teamwork. We win as a team, and that is just what we did at the state competition.”

The Unaka Shooters brought home several awards including the State High Overall Main Event Team Award which takes the top 5 scores from the team in the Intermediate Division and compares them to all the other teams in the State for the 3 main events of Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays. This award was given to the Intermediate Team composed of shooters in grades 6-8 including Jacob Sexton, Reed McCown, Lawson Frizzell, Jared Watson, Cole Casey, Grayson Cole, Scott Dunn Jr., and Gage Hutson.

“We are especially thankful to our sponsor organization, the Unaka Rod & Gun Club in Johnson City. The club has been so supportive of the athletes during practice and the events,” McCown stated. “I would also like to thank all the parents and coaches who make sure athletes have what they need to compete and thrive in this sport. We also would like to thank the Friends of the NRA and the MidwayUSA foundation for grants that help to support our team.”

Age Categories:

Rookies (minimum of 9yrs old) 3rd-5th Grade

Intermediate 6-8th Grade

Varsity 9-12th Grade


Team & Squad State Awards:

  • High Overall Main Events Intermediate Team (1st Place)

  • 2nd Place American Skeet Singles (Intermediate Advanced)

  • 2nd Place American Skeet Doubles (Intermediate Advanced)

Individual State Awards:

  • Jacob Sexton - Intermediate Grand Champion in American Skeet (Highest score of all Intermediate Athletes)

  • Scott Dunn Jr. - Intermediate Entry 1st place in American Skeet

  • Seth Fox - Collegiate 1st place in American Skeet

  • Seth Fox - Collegiate High Overall Runner Up for Skeet

  • Lauren McCown - Rookie 3rd place in American Skeet

  • Jacob Sexton - Intermediate Advanced 2nd place in Sporting Clays

  • Seth Fox - Collegiate 3rd place in Super Sporting Clays

To be able to compete in the State Tournament the Unaka Shooters had to also compete in the Regional competition. The Unaka Shooters are in Region IV for the state. We have approximately 9 teams in our region and we came away with many of the top spots for our region.

Regional Team & Squad Awards:

  • High Overall Intermediate Team

  • High Overall Varsity Team Runner Up

  • 1st Place Rookie Team Skeet

  • 2nd Place Intermediate Entry Skeet

  • 1st Place Intermediate Advanced Skeet

  • 1st & 3rd Place Intermediate Advanced Skeet Squad

  • 1st Place Junior Varsity Skeet

  • 1st Place Intermediate Advanced Trap

  • 1st Place Rookie Sporting Clays

  • 2nd Place Intermediate Entry Sporting Clays

  • 1st Place Intermediate Advanced Sporting Clays

  • 3rd Place Junior Varsity Sporting Clays

Regional Individual Awards:

  • Lauren McCown - High Overall Rookie

  • Hamilton Cole - High Overall Rookie Runner Up

  • Reed McCown - High Overall Intermediate Runner Up

  • Hamilton Cole - 1st Male Rookie Skeet

  • Lauren McCown - 1st Female Rookie Skeet

  • Scott Dunn Jr. - 1st Male Intermediate Entry Skeet

  • Jacob Sexton - 2nd Male Intermediate Advanced Skeet

  • Reed McCown - 3rd Male Intermediate Advanced Skeet

  • Seth Black - 2nd Male Junior Varsity Skeet

  • Kingston Cole - 3rd Male Junior Varsity Skeet

  • Jackson Barr - 3rd Male Varsity Skeet

  • Seth Fox - 1st Male Collegiate Skeet

  • Lauren McCown - 3rd Female Rookie Trap

  • Scott Dunn Jr. - 1st Male Intermediate Entry Trap

  • Reed McCown - 1st Male Intermediate Advanced Trap

  • Jackson Barr - 3rd Male Varsity Trap

  • Seth Fox - 1st Male Collegiate Trap

  • Hamilton Cole - 2nd Male Rookie Sporting Clays

  • Lauren McCown - 1st Female Rookie Sporting Clays

  • Scott Dunn Jr. - 1st Male Sporting Clays

  • Reed McCown - 3rd Male Sporting Clays

  • Seth Black - 1st Male Junior Varsity Sporting Clays

  • Seth Fox - 1st Male Collegiate

Local shooting team finishes second at state championships

July 31, 2021

Three local athletes from Unaka Shooters finished second recently in the Skeet Intermediate Advanced competition at the recent Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program State Champion- ships in Nashville.

Jacob Sexton, Reed McCown and Seth Black took the second-place trophy and medals in skeet and added a third-place finish in sporting clays. They finished behind the Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports Team and ahead of Henry County No Fly Zone in the final standings, determined in a doubles shoot-off due to a tied score.

The local team is comprised of youth from Washington, Carter and Sullivan counties and supported by the Unaka Rod & Gun Club.

They were part of more than 2,000 youth athletes from middle school to college who participated in the championships from June 21-27.

The state championships spanned six full days of co-ed competition in multiple shotgun shooting sports disciplines — trap, skeet, and sporting clays, as well as doubles skeet, doubles trap, and extended yard line trap. Individuals and teams from all corners of the state competed for titles in more than 160 categories.

The Scholastic Clay Target Program, a national organization, is organized under the Tennessee Wildlife Federation, one of the largest and oldest nonprofits in the state. The Unaka Shooters are listed in Region IV by the TWF and they won several placements into the state championships.

Seth Fox won the Skeet Individual Collegiate competition and finished second in Trap Individual Collegiate. Sexton was first in Trap Individual Intermediate Advanced and second in Skeet Individual Intermediate Advanced, just ahead of teammate McCown.

Sexton, McCown and Black teamed in the Intermediate Advanced competition, placing first in the region in skeet. They also teamed with Eli Henry and Kingston Cole, placing second in trap and third in sporting clays.

Other individual winners included Jackson Barr in Skeet Junior Varsity and Breanna Grizzel in Skeet Female Junior Varsity. Fifth-grader Scott Dunn had three first-place efforts, including Skeet Individual Rookie and Trap Rookie Invitational.

Gage Hutson posted a second-place finish in Trap Individual Intermediate Entry. Cole Casey, Jared Watson, Grayson Cole and Noah Kadish teamed with Hutson at the regional championships, placing second in skeet and trap as a team.

The purpose of the Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program is to recruit youth into an outdoor lifestyle by introducing them to the shooting sports. Studies have shown those who participate in outdoor recreation are eight times more likely to support conservation issues.

Unaka Shooters earning regional and national recognition

March 12, 2021