Team Code of Conduct (the UNAKA WAY)


Athletes need various equipment and supplies to participate on a team.  Some are common items that may be purchased at a local sporting goods store, such as Academy Sports + Outdoors. As with most sports, athlete build, preference, and budget may be factors that influence the type and cost of equipment.  Please see a coach if you have additional questions.

The checklist below list equipment needs for each discipline.

Basic Equipment List:


All ammunition purchased is a personal preference.  You can purchase ammunition from 7.5 shot to 9 shot in the gauge required.   Please by lead shot and not steel shot.

The more powerful the shell doesn't typically represent better.  If you are shooting 100 rounds the faster more powerful shells will wear you out faster.

For skeet we would recommend slower FPS 1000-1200 and 8 shot (more common) to 9 shot

For trap we would recommend a slightly faster FPS 1140-1300 and 7.5 shot to 8 shot