ways to help the team?

We are always in need of volunteers, registered adult volunteers, and coaches. See below for ways you can help with the team. If you would just like to continue to see youth shooting sports continue and would like to sponsor the team in some way please reach out we would love to have your support.

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You can volunteer to help with the following:

  • Communications with the team / parents / athletes

  • Financial / Records Volunteer

  • Registration Volunteer

  • Recruiting Volunteer - Helping to recruit parents, athletes, and future coaches

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Registered Volunteers

To be a registered Volunteer is to register via the TN SCTP organization and to be registered with the team. You will need to go through a background check at this stage and will be associated with the team and covered under the SCTP insurance that other registered adults and coaches are under. If you are a registered adult you could help with:

  • On the field activities with the team

  • Scoring

  • Transportation if utilizing two deep leadership

  • Team activities and functions

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Great to see that you might be interested in being a coach. We would love to have additional coaches. We would suggest to become a Registered Volunteer first so you can be more closely involved with the team. Talk to the head coach about your interest

  • Coaches go through a background check via the TNSCTP organization

  • We practice two deep leadership in coaching with athletes at all times

  • Coaches must be certified via NRA for shotgun Level 1 Class

  • We recommend taking the RSO Class from the NRA as well

  • Coaches should be in the practice of the games of skeet and trap but the scores you post are not the judge for being a great coach.

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